Copy & Restoration

What we do….

After 35 years as a photographic restore there is very few restoration challenges we can not handle. Since the digital age, the restoration process has given us the opportunity to restore to an unbelievable quality.

Faded, scratched, fire or water damage, torn or just a plain copy, we can do it.

Our prices are reasonable and our work is superb. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Level A – by quote only

Level B – $50-$60

Level C – $20-$40

Level D – $10


  1. Restoring (portion missing) faces, body parts, clothing, background and missing edges as well as dust and scratches.
  2. Cleaning up of faces, body parts, clothes background, edges, dust and scratches
  3. Repair scratches, dust and missing edges
  4. Dust and scratches.

Scan and Send

Have your image scanned at 300 dpi. See instructions

You can send an e-mail with file attachment or transfer via a public file transfer app such as Wetransfer, Google drive or Dropbox.

E-mail Attachment – send an e-mail with file attached to Most E-mail programs are good at sending files up to 10MB.  Be careful to use the attachment feature of your e-mail application to attach them to your message (usually a little paperclip icon). Using a drag and drop action sometimes causes the formatting to change which means the file that you send is different from what you intended. Remember to include your instructions and telephone contact number


Make sure the glass of your scanner is dirt and dust free.

If you can, scan your photos in the highest setting quality possible <300dpi

Scan the entire photo with no optional software settings.

Save your photo(s) as JPEG format.